Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Zydeco Breakfast

BLT: We headed back to Café des Amis – and no joke, there was a line of about 20 people when we got there at 7:15 – we were 15 minutes late due to the crazy fog that had overtaken the town that early! Very spooky and eerie – I’ve never seen fog like that before! Our 5-minute drive turned into 20 minutes!

BLT: We were originally sat way in the back of the restaurant, with no view of the band, so we asked if we could sit with another party – and we did! Earl and Debbie Dorman from Sulphur, LA – they were delightful breakfast partners who were traveling in their RV (who, by the by were staying at the Cajun Palms Resort, which they had nothing but nice things to say about, but we knew that our campsite was SOO much better!) and celebrating their 39thAnniversary! They entertained us with stories about their beautiful grandchildren and their recent trips. Earl made sure to tell me that eating Cajun food was dangerous – that’s why he rides his bike all the time – as, it’s very easy to become 300 pounds! I can certainly understand why!
For breakfast, we ordered more beignets, and I had cheesy grits and bacon (I said several times that I need to go on a diet ASAP when I get home!). I have to admit, I am not a big grits fan – the flavor was great, but the texture – I just couldn’t do it! Toni ordered eggs with boudin – I tried the boudin and it too was delicious!

BLT: And then… the best part of the day started – the Zydeco band took the stage and they were FANTASTIC! The atmosphere went directly into party mode – at 8:30am! No sooner than the band get two notes out and the dancers took to the dance floor!! What an experience – it was just like being in the local country bar here in Tucson at 9pm on a Saturday night! The dancers were incredible and so much fun to watch… the feeling in the air was just one of pure joy and good times… as Toni said to me, “Laissez les bon temps rouler” – and this was definitely letting the good times roll!!

TL: That is the 4 piece band tucked in the front window area. They were really rocking that old building.

TL: I am sure some of the dancers came right out of the swamp every Saturday for this chance to dance. And did they dance--for hours!

TL: This old guy never took off his hat and never cracked a smile.

TL: And if you look closely you will see spurs on the gal with the hat.

BLT: Earl even asked our good-natured server to take me for a spin on the dance floor- I am definitely clumsy by nature, and he was surely a good sport! It took a couple of tries, but I think we had it down just as the song was ending – I am pretty sure he was relieved!

TL:  Cafe Des Amis has a live cam starting at 8 am every Saturday morning.  It was not working too well last week but check it out next weekend--it's worth the time to see the revelry:


BLT: Because there was still a line outside, by the time we ate our breakfast and got to watch the show for a bit, our server very nicely asked us for our table, which we gave up and we stood and watched for a bit, and then needed to go for a walk!
We walked around the town for a bit, and saw some great antique stores. Breaux Bridge is a wonderful small town full of great food, great sights and great people! We went to THE Breaux Bridge that Toni’s Grandfather had worked on during the depression – very neat for Toni to have that kind of connection to the heart of this town!!

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