Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For Friends and Family

To Friends and Family

There have been so many phone calls lately that I cannot seem to keep my phone charged so I am going to share what little info I have at this time via the blog.

It seems that I have a valve in my heart that is not doing what it is supposed to do. Next week I will be getting an angiogram to find out just what needs to be repaired and will undoubtedly have some heart surgery sometime before Thanksgiving—though dates and times are still being decided.

This has definitely slowed me down but one friend suggests that I really haven't had my wings clipped, only my tires flattened.

Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and concern.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Birthday parties and a puppy

Before leaving Leesburg the wonderful friends at Lakeport Square threw me a birthday and farewell party.  It was lovely plus the warmth in that room could have ignited the candles on the cake....

The party was held in the private dining room...

Loren and Willi, Miriam, Helen

Billie, the Gardener, Virgil, Dick and Lois

Billie and Jean

Gloria and Jean

Willi, Miriam, and Helen

Judy and Lois

Dick and Virgil 

Loren and Me

And lovely Jean who put it all together.  Thank you so much folks. I will never forget you.

Upon leaving Leesburg I traveled south to Winter Haven to visit my good buddy, June

and her new buddy....


What a wonderful face.

And one more birthday celebration for both June and myself.  Just look at that cake!
The next day I flew to the Virgin Islands to see Tom.