About Halcyon II

Halcyon II is a 1997 Roadtrek 190 Popular.  She is a complete RV in a small package, perfect for one or two people and made by RoadTrek out of Ontario, Canada. She is built on a Dodge Ram 3500 van chassis and is powered by a 5.2L petrol V8 engine. She is only 19 feet long, 8'-8" tall,  no wider than a full size van and fits in most any normal parking spot.

She has a toilet, shower, galley, generator, air conditioning, hot water, furnace, microwave, stove, sink, 3-way refrigerator.  She is tall enough to stand in, seats two up front and sleeps 2 in the back.

I bought her in December 2010 from a used RV dealer in Sebring Florida. My son, Ron, found her for sale on Craigslist one day. The next day he flew out to Orlando and caught the train down to Sebring. The owner of the dealership picked him up at the train station and took him to the car lot to inspect it. Ron bought her on the spot. He then jumped in and drove her back to Tucson for me.

Roadtreks cost about $100K new. But I was able to find this one for $17.5k. She had only 45K miles on her and was in perfect shape. It took a few months of watching Craigslist and other sites to find one that I could afford. But every once in a while, another would pop up. And when they do, they sell fast.

She is a heavy van, 5500 pounds without cargo. But Ron was able to get 18 mpg driving her from Florida to Tucson. She gets worse mileage around town, about 11 or so. But considering that the normal RV gets only 8 MPG or so,  she does great.

The name "Halcyon II" comes from the name of our ketch that my husband, Roger, and I owned in the 1970's... "Halcyon". It is a Greek word meaning "Peaceful or Calm".  I don't expect it to be peaceful but that is my goal.