Monday, December 31, 2018

A Few Friends

Can you tell that I really don't want to do this blog at this time?  It is so hard to tell friends Goodbye, to have a last meal in a favorite restaurant, to see the last spectacular Arizona sunset for a while.

My friend Jayne, flew over from Austin and we spent a day together seeing Tucson with 'visitors eyes'.

Then friend Lynda decided we needed to explore the very unusual town of Arrivaca for a day. (No she is not color-blind--just styling.) She had been to Arrivaca before but I had not and I was curious.

The first turn off the freeway came to this restaurant.  There were workers getting it ready for the winter snowbirds from the north so we didn't stay for lunch.

 No Soliciting
We are too broke to buy anything,
We know who we are voting for,
We have found Jesus,
Seriously, unless you are
giving away beer...

But I liked their sign. 

Leaving the freeway we drove about 30 miles west along a very winding two-lane road through lots of open desert before arriving at the town of Arrivaca (Population approx 150).

Arrivaca is a town very near the Mexico border.  

(Welcome to the oldest bar in the oldest inhabited townsite in Arizona)

The town is occupied in equal parts by ranchers, volunteers leaving water and food in the desert for illegal crossers, and border patrol agents and their sympathizers who are determined to stop the humanitarian aid.  It all makes for a very authentic 'old west' feel.  The guns were real and I felt sure a Wyatt Earp incarnation would walk in at any minute.

Lisa lives in Arrivaca, is Lynda's friend,  and is one of those volunteers providing humanitarian aid and information.

We had lunch in the bar and visited with Lisa.  All I can say is that she leads a life far more challenging than mine.  I truly admire her passion and dedication and for her sake as well as for our country's I hope we find a solution soon that we can all embrace.


Thanksgiving was my last weekend in Tucson and I spent Turkey day with friends Suzie, Bill, Nancy and more....


It was a cold day by Tucson standards but croquet was still a hit.

Nancy offered her home for the festivities and provided an absolutely amazing meal.

(Suzie and Bill)
Suzie has been a dear friend for over fifty years.

One last morning watching the hot air balloons float over the desert..

....and one more spectacular sunset.

Both Daisy and I said, "Goodbye and good riddance" to the vicious Jumping Cholla. 

Just before crossing the border into California I pulled off the road to give Daisy a quick potty break. As we walked along the deserted road a second dirt road joined us.  Yes, I was tempted.

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