Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sedona to Tucson

The trip back to Tucson was relaxing with one stop in Sedona for lunch.   This is Bell Rock.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross parking lot made a spectacular spot to have lunch.  And, oh Man! What a View! 

This was the view from the front window of the RV as we munched on lunch.

Ron and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. 

Looking down from the church parking lot we spied this amazingly ostentatious mansion and wondered--Drug lord? Saudi Arabian sheik? Havapai Indian Chief who got rich from the Casino business? Nope--none of the above.  Turns out it is the doctor who invented Lasik surgery.  I wonder how many eye surgeries it takes to afford ones own observatory? Putting Green? Waterfall?

My next lesson in RV living told my nose that not all would be a bed of roses.  We found a dump station in Phoenix, maneuvered the RV into place and Ron patiently explained to me which lever to pull first to release the black water tank into the convenient but way-too-little pipe leading to the sewer line.   With a serious expression he warned that I must stand to the side in case of unexpected (and unexplained) explosions; that I needed some rubber gloves that came up to the armpits; that I would need gallons of hand sanitizer and possibly a shower afterwards.  Well, maybe I exaggerate a little but, Phew! 105 degree weather is no time to do that job.

And finally we missed this weather by about an hour--getting home just before it hit.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Munds Park

This is the Life of Riley

Blogging time

The Cat Cubby or (when covered) The Kitty Brig

Driveway camping
Leave me alone--I have a hangover!

The Shakedown Cruise

     Four weeks to go before I am permanently on the road and it is now time for the 'Shakedown'.
     Ron was eager to get me versed in all the ins-and-outs of Halcyon II and we knew that Simie the cat would need some acclimating. We selected Munds Park (just 20 miles south of Flagstaff in the lovely pine trees) because son Ron has a friend who owns a vacation cabin there. We would spend Fourth of July in the cool mountain air at 7000 feet.
     The first step was Simie.  The night before we left I gave her a dose of some organic sedative recommended by Petsmart.  It is full of all kinds of lovely sounding flowers and herbs-and 18%  alcohol!  Poor kitty--the next morning she had a hangover and was not the least bit happy about getting in the RV so I wrapped her tightly in a towel, climbed into the passenger seat with Ron at the wheel--and as we drove away, Simie peed on me!! I know my daughter Janice will say,  "You had it coming!"
     Another dose of that yummy sedative and Simie retreated to her cubby hole for the duration of the journey north--while I changed by clothes.  By the time we reached Munds Park she was venturing out of the 'cat cubby' and exploring her surroundings--happily she seemed altogether content.  However,  I may have to take her to AA.
      The RV is easy and comfortable.  Cooking was not difficult and sleeping was wonderful--cool  with fresh air breezes all night. I am testing out the new Verizon 'MiFi'.  It is slower than the cable at home but it is remarkable that I can sit here under the pine trees and work on my blog.
      I think I am going to love this life!