Monday, November 28, 2011

Life on board Halcyon II

A friend recently asked that I show a little more from the inside of Halcyon II.  So here you are, Sharleen.

It is morning and there is a soft motor noise coming from that blanket on the bed.

Ohhh...Someone raised a shade!

Ugh!  I hate mornings.

Sigh Me usually has her own bed but when it is very cold she insists on getting under the cover with me.
The view from our rear window was beautiful with the sun coming through the fall colors.

Cooking is actually pretty easy.  I have learned to keep it simple and try to fix only one thing at a time.
I have a microwave, toaster oven, two burner gas stove and a slow-cooker, plus a refrigerator.  Counter tops slide out from the cupboards and give me lots of prep surface.

Now, don't cringe!  Those white containers are kitty litter jugs with the tops cut off.  And of course they were well washed out--besides the kitty litter that was in them was not used kitty litter.  I removed all the staples from their original containers, put them in ziplock bags and packed them into the jugs.  What is in each jug is on that slip of paper on the front so I don't have to dig through each one to find anything.  Last night I made a chocolate cake with no problem finding all the ingredients. I also can trim the litter jugs to fit the shelf they are on.  This works so well that I recommend getting a cat if you don't have one already just so you will have some jugs.

Ron made this spice rack for me.  If you look at the picture up above you will see how nicely this is hidden when not in use.

Well, this looks like a disaster--but it's not.  This table folds back behind the driver's seat when we are underway but works as additional counter space when I'm cooking.  It is also a great place to sit and work on the blog. The passenger seat revolves around pretty easily but I leave it like this most of the time and just lower the back when I'm driving so I can see out of the side window.

This particular morning outside of Vicksburg is where I am parked.

I am all by myself here--It is too cold today for people to be out hiking or camping.  And it looks like rain. I don't mind a bit.  The gas heater in the RV works like a charm.  I also have an electric heater when electricity is available.

This scenery makes morning walks easy and interesting.

These pictures are for Aunt Pauline--I couldn't find any flowers blooming.

Finally, I am back on the road again.  Cane fields have given way to cotton fields.  Sorry this picture is so blurry--it's what you get when you try to drive and take pictures too.

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  1. Hi, I just linked to your blog from Glenn's blog. I have been looking back through your blog. I like the changes you have made to your RV to make it just right for you. My RV is a little bigger and wider than yours, but I sometimes wonder if I would have been comfortable enough in a Roadtrek. I will join your sight and follow along with you.