Friday, November 11, 2011

Franklinton Fair #1

Jamie and I went to the Franklinton State Fair for the day.  Above are the names of the old log homes and buildings that have been moved to the fairgrounds and restored.  These buildings are set up as a village and are only open twice a year--for the fair and one weekend in December when they are all decorated for Christmas in the old-fashioned handmade decorations.  I was completely charmed by the setting and the care taken in restoring these homes.  Many of the descendants of the original families were there to tell stories about the lives the families led when these homes were built.


This man was grinding and selling cornmeal.  I bought some and later made cornbread with it.  Ugh! The bread was awful.  More like a very heavy cake than cornbread.  I think the meal is ground too fine for my recipe.

This guy is making cracklins. " What are cracklins?" you ask.  Fried pork fat!  As you can see by the guy in the picture--it does wonders for your figure.

Much of the furnishings in these homes were from the original families.

 Jamie found a place to sit down and rest a minute.

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  1. I love cracklin bread if it is done right. Probably don't want to use that cornmeal you bought unless I had a differant recipe.