Thursday, November 10, 2011

The James Riviere's in Gramercy, La

I'm Back!  And it is all cousin Jamie's fault that you haven't heard a word from me for two weeks or more.  He captured me, held me hostage, and forced me to go with him to some of the best restaurants in Louisiana!  Starting with his mother-in-law's kitchen:

Linda Riviere, Ethel Pollet and Jamie (AKA Jim) Riviere in Ethel's kitchen.  And Wow was the food good!  It was true Cajun with vegetables grown on her brother's farm and recipes that stretch back for generations.  And the French accent was sprinkled throughout every conversation.

Linda and her Mom, Ethel. Linda had to work the whole time I was there so she missed out on a lot of the day trips that Jamie and I took. I know it was hard for her to see us off each day but she made Jamie promise to 'start eating healthy again as soon as Toni leaves!'

One of our first outings was The Taste of Bavaria.  Who knew you could find this in Cajun Country?

It was a great breakfast.  Those two patty-looking things on the plate on the right are eggs!  First they were poached then rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  You know those Bavarians needed to keep their strength up.

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  1. Wow mom. We are going have to install some heavy duty shocks on the RV if you stay there much longer! :-)