Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eunice, Louisiana

BLT:  Once we got loaded up, we hit the road, destined for Eunice, La, about and hour or so away.
The plan for this night was to go to the Cajun Music show that is put on by the National Park Service in the great little theater call Liberty Hall. A write up in the New Orleans newspaper said that you must get there by 4pm to get tickets, and it was something that couldn’t be missed! 
TL:  This is a radio program that is held in an old theatre and done mainly in French.    

BLT: We got there just before the ticket window opened, and took a walk over to the Eunice Welcome and Visitors Center, where there was a Cajun music demonstration happening! It was turning out to be a wonderful day with all the Cajun music and food we could handle!! Right after the musical performance, they had a cooking demonstration – of pork cracklins! As many others said – just like the Cajuns to figure out how to make pork fat more fattening - deep-fry it!! 

BLT:  Once we secured our tickets, we headed over to the Cajun Music Hall of Fame and the Train Museum – what little gems that this town has to offer! The ladies who ran these museums were warm, friendly and had lots and lots of information for us!! 

TL:  If you look just to the left in the picture above you will see a couple dancing.  At the radio program and at the cultural center, as soon as the music started, couples started dancing.  It is a great motto for life.."Never miss an opportunity to dance!"

TL:  These three young men could really play Zydeco music.  I am not too sure how much they enjoyed it though--judging by the expression on this young man's face.  He never smiled--the whole time!

TL:  Besides carrying on the Cajun tradition of music, these young men also spoke French and conversed at length with the radio host entirely in Cajun French.  I have always feared that the Cajun traditions of Louisiana will die out--after watching and listening to these really good musicians I have faith that the traditions will last a little longer.

TL:  When we got back to the RV park we discovered another Zydeco band!  This dance was in the barn at the park and we had 'free tickets'!  Well, of course we had to go.

TL:  We got to bed about midnight.  What fun.  It had been a complete day of music and dancing--'Let the Good Times Roll!"

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