Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T Black's Farm

Did I mention that cousin, Linda's, family are all Cajun (Acadian French) and living within a few miles of each other in Gramercy, La?  And one of the brothers still farms on the family farm.  His name is
 T Black Millet. In the Cajun vernacular the letter 'T' before a name means 'little', 'younger' or 'junior'.  T Black has a twin brother--named T White!  When the twins were born one was very blond and fair while the other was brunette and dark...hence the nicknames.  (I am sure they have real names but everyone knows them by T White and T Black.)

This is the old tobacco barn where the women would strip and dry the tobacco.  There is no tobacco planted anymore--the demand for it isn't as great as it used to be.  ( I suppose there is still a demand for women strippers though)

Looking toward the levy.  Just across the road from the farm is the mighty Mississippi River.

Linda picked some okra for me.  Unfortunately, it was too late in the season and the okra was too big to eat.
For you Yankees--this is okra growing.
But the mustard greens were perfect.  I got enough to boil up a potful and stink up the Riviere house that night.  I don't think they appreciated the aroma as much as I did.

The greens were seasoned with freshly picked shallots and salt pork--just like Mama used to make.  Pot Liquor and cornbread! My sister's are so envious right now.

 Thank you Linda! And you too, T Black!


  1. I am sooo jelous of all the great food you are getting to eat but i think you are cruel to rub it in jo

  2. I agree Jo! Denise