Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jamie's Hobby

I hope you are reading this, Andre Brogoitti.

This 1941 Cub belongs to a friend of Jamie's named Jim Finley.  I will not try to describe it other than to say it is in pristine condition and it is as old as me!  I wish I could say the same about my condition.

For a wonderful description of the Cub and the delivery from Minnesota to Reserve, La. go to the following link:

Jamie has several planes of his own (in partnership with two others) and he clearly is proud of his toys.

And Jamie, if you would care to describe them for the lay readers please add your comments.  All I can remember is that they are made of cloth and don't have bathrooms!


  1. The red, white and blue low wing is an Arion Lightning homebuilt aircraft. The red and white high wing is a EuroFox Special Light Sport aircraft built by Aeropro in the Czech Republic.

  2. That's a good looking guy in the photo! (Not!). I enjoyed your visit and wish you smooth sailing with winds at your back. Carl Finley, Destrehan, Louisiana