Sunday, November 27, 2011

Departing Louisiana

It was finally time to say 'Goodbye' to cousins, Jamie and Linda.  They have been wonderful to me in every way.  The best part of all is that I really got to know Jamie better.  When we were growing up he fit in as one of the 'younger pesky ones'--like my little sister, Mary, or cousin, Cheri. He had his buddies and mostly they kept their distance from the girls.  And Jamie was only twelve when I got married and moved away so our relationship has been from a distance ever since.  Living in this RV and having the time to really spend with family is so valuable--and Jamie, you are my example.  I've seen you lovingly watch over your grandchildren, saw you preen over your airplanes, listened to you tell wonderful tales of Louisiana, your friends and your in-laws, and witnessed a really caring relationship with your wife.  I thank you both for sharing all of that with me.  But look out!  Now all the other cousins know what great hosts you are and they may start appearing in your driveway en masse.  If that happens then just jump in your RV and join me somewhere along the way.

While heading north one last time to say 'Goodbye' to  Aunt Pauline and Tinker,  Uncle Joe and Aunt Doris,  I spied this sugar cane processing plant.  For you Yankees the above picture also shows the sugar cane in two stages--the taller is ready for harvest to go to the plant and the newer crop will be ready next year.
That is a mountain of chopped sugar cane in the background--waiting to be loaded on trucks to go to the mill.  It looks like bamboo when it is growing but when cut & chewed it is distinctly sweet.

It is loaded onto the conveyor belt to begin the cooking process of conversion into cane sugar, molasses and cane syrup.  Yum!

I am camped for the night on this little bayou near False River.  This may be my last bayou as I head further north towards Vicksburg, Miss.

When I see a tiny deserted house like this I always wonder at the history  the family that lived here went through.

I stopped for a haircut--sorry to subject you guys to this picture but .....I'll try to stick to pretty scenery from here on out.

Erica was the person that cut my hair.  She was such a lovely young lady I just had to show her handiwork.

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  1. Love your haircut! So cute! Denise