Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaux Bridge

BLT:  After our flea market adventure, we headed for Breaux Bridge. We had two options for ‘lodging’ for the night – either the Cajun Palms RV Resort or Poche’s Fish-n-Camp. Looking for the most interesting of the two, we had to try Poche’s – and I know we are both so glad we did!! We pulled in right before sunset, had a nice chat with the lady who runs the place, and got to our spot as the sun was setting over the lake!  

BLT:  It was so beautiful, peaceful and quiet. As glitzy and glamorous as the Cajun Palms looked, I am pretty sure it couldn’t have offered this!  
BLT:  We set up our own little happy hour and watched the sun come down… and of course, made plans for dinner!


BLT: Our definite plans in Breaux Bridge included going to a zydeco breakfast at Café des Amis, but a guidebook said that crawfish eftouffee was created in Breaux Bridge, and if you’re going to eat it anywhere, then Café des Amis is the place to do it.


BLT:  So, off we went to find our little café and they were right… the culinary delights continued with the Bechamel Crab Cakes – little fried bits of crabby deliciousness sitting in a creamy puddle of cheese sauce… I am sorry my description is not more elegant… but they were divine. Then came the Crawfish Etouffee – again – creamy deliciousness with crawfish… again, I was in food heaven. I couldn’t get enough! Thank goodness Toni wasn’t embarrassed by me, (or maybe she was and was too polite to mention it…) but I couldn’t stop moaning and talking about how amazing every thing was! This definitely was one of the greatest meals I have ever had (and my husband is a pretty amazing cook!). 

We ordered dessert (of course!) and had the wonderful spice cake – it was warm, gooey and the perfect end to a scrumptious meal!

Since we knew we were coming back to Café des Amis for breakfast, we asked our server what time we should be there – she said to be back by 7am – the doors would open at 7:30, but there’s always a line and in her words – ‘it’s pure chaos until it’s over!’  

TL:  I was intrigued by this interesting display behind the bar.  Religion and partying go hand-in-hand in Louisiana.

BLT:  We walked around the town for a bit (I’m so glad Toni is a walker – definitely helped after every meal we had!). There were some darling shops that we were definitely going to check out in the morning after breakfast!

As we were driving back to our campsite, we saw a Baptist Church that was having a Tent Revival. Toni literally hit the brakes and said – ‘We HAVE to go!’ We did a quick U-Turn and parked and walked in, and sat in the back. There were about 100 people there, singing to the band – and then the Reverend got up to spread the good word. There were lots of Hallelujahs and Praise the Lords and Come on Reverends! We had our fill after about 30 minutes and left before anybody thought we needed ‘saving!’
We both hit the deck exhausted and got a great night’s sleep – we had to be up at 6am in order to make it to breakfast on time.  

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