Friday, November 18, 2011

Dickie Bougeois' Plantation

Dickie is Jamie's best friend--they grew up together in Thibodaux.  Some years back Dickie bought this plantation and decided to restore it.  When Aunt Cile and Uncle Merrill celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dickie let them celebrate it here.

But restorations are very expensive and take many many years to complete--and this one is no exception.  Dickie's dream is a B & B and a site to be used for weddings, etc.  It will be perfect when he gets finished.
Here is the view from the second floor balcony.  Even though the house is on the very edge of the town it is a pastoral setting very much like it must have been when the house was originally built (Dickie, if you are reading this--when was it built? And does it have a name?)

The little red roofed building at the back of the house was the original kitchen.  It is storage now.  The fields beyond grew--and still grow--sugar cane but are no longer part of the home.

Dickie,  the house is beautiful.  I want to be a guest when it opens for business.  Are you taking reservations yet?

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  1. It is Ducros Plantation and I will have to find when it was built.