Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 'Grandma Fix'

Jamie and I took his grandson's Michael and Andrew to the N.O. Aquarium.  Be prepared for an
"Oh-so-cute-attack".  We spent the entire day with them and it was great great fun.  
                                                     We saw sharks! and rays! and jelly fish too.
It was a rare moment when I could get both of them in the same frame.  Most of the time they were running at top speed to opposite ends of an exhibit.
We got to scratch the backs of several rays.
There is the proud Grandpa in the background--please note the smiles.

                                                   The bird exhibit was our favorite.

 If I lived closer to these two little boys I would do this often.  What a treat!  And Mimi didn't even charge me for the use of her sons.


  1. So sweet, Toni! What terrific photos! Wendy

  2. Toni, Michael and Andrew had a blast too. We enjoyed seeing you. You must come back when the new baby girl is born. Love you! Mimi