Tuesday, November 22, 2011

from N.O. to Breaux Bridge

BLT:  We got back to the RV and decided it was time to hit the road – time for Cajun Country! Our destination was Breaux Bridge by way of Baton Rouge and Lafayette. We hit the road with a few items on our agenda: The Acadian Village in Lafayette, maybe a meal at Prejean’s, and finally dinner in Breaux Bridge. 

TL:  The bridge spans the Atchafalaya River that flows right through downtown Breaux Bridge.

TL:  The bridge of Breaux Bridge was built by my grandfather during the depression when he worked in Roosevelt's WPA program. Of course there were many others who worked on the bridge as well but in my family we always say it was 'built by my grandfather'.

TL:  Please note the very happy cat in the front yard.

BLT:  The drive was pretty good – being from the west where towns and cities are pretty spread out, it amazed me how close the communities are! We got into Lafayette, and found the Acadian Village – “Lafayette's oldest authentic vision of life in 19th century Southwest Louisiana.” To our disappointment, it was CLOSED! 

BLT:  It seemed as though they were getting ready for a special event, so back on the road we went. As we were heading down the highway, Toni saw the local flea market – of course we had to stop!

TL:  Brittania is ready to join a Zydeco band!

TL:  The 'good stuff' in this flea market included 'stuffed alligators.'
Lunch time
TL:  Zydeco music is everywhere in this part of the world.  Prejean's restaurant is a really great restaurant complete with a band--and another stuffed alligator.

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  1. Bayou Teche bisects downtown Breaux Bridge. The Atchafalaya River is 5-10 miles east and much wider.
    Love the pics, though!