Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Eunice to New Orleans

TL:  We got on the road early, and headed back toward New Orleans.  It was Brittania's last day and we had a lot of miles to cover.

 As we drove into the little town of Abbeville we discovered the downtown was blocked off and there was all kinds of activities going on.  There was music (there is always music), food and craft booths, and this group of children who were singing songs in French.  (I admit--they needed a lot more practice)

In the middle of the square was a giant skillet and a few chefs walking around.  We cornered this one and discovered the reason for the party---Omelets!  
Now I am sure of it--The Cajuns will party over anything!  The giant skillet was there to cook 5027 eggs!  Twenty seven eggs to commemorate the 27 years they've been holding this festival and 5000 for--well, to feed everyone.  They were still hours away from eating so we had to leave but I'm sure it was a great omelet.

We drove to Avery Island, the home of Tabasco Sauce.  The sauce is made on the island by the McIlhenney Family and the company has been there since 1868.  We picnicked under the that tree.

The Island is a beautiful garden, open to the public and well worth the visit.  That is not-a-stuffed alligator in the picture above.

It is also a bird refuge and we were told several times that the gardens are far more spectacular in the spring when the birds migrate back and the flowers are all in bloom.  All the same, it was beautiful.

The only flaw--The mosquitoes were voracious!

 We got into Jamie & Linda's driveway after dark and woke up before dawn the next morning to get Brittania to the airport.  Thank you so much for coming, Brittania,  it was so fun.  I admire you for being such a good sport--you ate raw oysters & alligator, you slept on a mini-bunk in a teeny space shared by a cat and me and never showed a minutes discomfort.  I hope we can do it again.

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