Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheryl's party

It was two years ago, in August, that I, along with Alexandra, was invited to a party at Cheryl Kirk's new home.  

The house was pretty much empty at that time as her furniture had not arrived from Alabama by the day of the party...

She actually brought boxes and boxes of glass from Alabama---although I think she might have found glass in New Mexico. At least she didn't bring any rocks or cactus with her.

Now the house is filled with interesting objects, art,  and especially friends.

Alexandra in the entryway.  Cheryl did the leaded glass around the door.

The kitchen is the center of the house.
  But I could camp out in this bathtub.

Tim and Stacey Burge on the left were visiting from Amarillo; hostess, Cheryl (center) and Gary Walden (far right).  Gary just purchased an RV of his own (another convert!), named it 'the Gambler' and will be exploring 'parts unknown' very soon.

James Fox found the fireplace and a brew.

It was learned that Tim was celebrating a momentous birthday and, boy was he surprised when the cake appeared.

 Cheryl, Gary, Stacey, Tim, James Raybol (artist) and Alexandra. 


  1. What a fun night it was ! Great pictures. Thank you for posting them. Looking forward to seeing you again. Safe travels dear friend.
    Tim and Stacey

  2. Actually Cheryl Kirk did move LOTS AND LOTS of TN River Rock from Alabana to NM He movers where unbelieving