Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Glen Sherman Park and Museum

We only planned to say 'hello' to Allan's collector friend and do a quick 'run-through' but ....

I was immediately struck by the copper claw-foot tub with the beautiful, highly polished, rolled lip.  'The Collector' found this in an old farm house nearby.  It hardly looked used--Saturday baths may have been the exception instead of the rule at that farm.

As we entered the Collector's enormous barn/museum we were  met by a bank--the whole bank.

His collections included these license plates, a whole evolution of chain saws, arrowheads, stuffed heads, some potato heads...and a Hupmobile!

Article from "Saturday Evening Post" printed in 1920s...

"The growing tendency to consider a car's possible second-sale value, is frequently a deciding factor in favor of the Hupmobile.
Buyers know--by what they hear, if not by actual experience--that The Comfort Car does "stand up" in really remarkable fashion.
They also know that owners, almost to a man, hold their Hupmobiles at considerably less than average depreciation."

The Hupmobile

Kitchen stuff...  

Resting spots.

A treadle sewing machine.  (I wish I had one today--they would sew an awesome stitch.)

I don't know...

He allowed me to scratch his tummy without even opening an eye. If he hadn't been purring I would have thought he was stuffed.

WW1 and WW2 paraphernalia..

One-armed bandits...

An early camper.

Early mass transit to Steamboat Springs.

Allan says he sees something new each time he comes here.

A Jeep Pickup!

For sister, Jo.

For cousins, Andre and Jamie.

Many years ago, when the coroner was called to collect a body he came with a hearse and a woven basket to carry the body from the house to the vehicle....

Hence came the phrase, "He's or She's a basket case!"  Thanks, Allan, for that bit of trivia.

This was so elegant.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I came across this gigantic rock,

Covered with petroglyphs!  There just seemed to be no limit to what 'The Collector' might add to his collection.

Museum donations could be deposited here....

or here!

If you ever get to Craig, the museum is on the very eastern edge of the town.  Please take a look--and plan several hours at least.


  1. Toni,
    You won't believe this but I just bought an airplane like the one hanging up in this museum..... except mine is flyable. It is a 1946 Ercoupe.
    Really enjoy reading all of your blogs. The scenery has been breathtaking.


  2. Thanks, Jamie...
    If you plan to fly it then I hope it's made of sturdier stuff than your other planes--like steel or maybe even aluminum. (Just kidding). Toni