Friday, September 27, 2013

Gallery Grazing in Santa Fe

The rain followed me all the way to Santa Fe.  But the 12V system continued to work just fine.  I do not understand how a seemingly vital part (like an isolator--whatever that is) can be bypassed altogether and have the system work better than ever. Like removing your gall bladder?

Anyway, I finally made it back to Santa Fe; my second trip here, two years and one month from the day I left Tucson.

However, decisions now have to be made.  I started the journey with the idea that I could see it all in two years.

Well, No, I didn't see it all.  Not even close. Though I did see 24 states, Washington DC, Canada (BC and Alberta) and the Virgin Islands.

And in three weeks Aunt Louise and I are going to fly to Hawaii to visit my sister, Mary, and her husband, Jim.

So I still have 1/2 the US, Alaska, and Nova Scotia (on my bucket list) to see.

What are my plans from here?  Do I want to keep traveling? That is a silly question.  This has been an incredible adventure and the thought of stopping now is painful even to think about.  I am only 1/2 through the US, and my wanderlust addiction has merely grown stronger.

So, I will think about it tomorrow, but for now, Scarlet, my dear,
 you can spend a few pleasant days with dear, dear friend, Alexandra Stevens.

Alexandra was once my boss, many years ago in Houston, when she owned an art newspaper and I was her production manager.

Then some years later I moved to California and was managing a small Bed and Breakfast and Alexandra moved there as well to open an art gallery in Carmel. For a short time she worked for me at the B&B, hence we have been each other's bosses--and we still like each other.

It has been another one of those fun relationships that endures.  I count her as one of my honorary sisters and as such, the reason this trip has been so rewarding.

I think I am going to add to my bucket list, "A trip to the Louvre with Alexandra".   Followed by a glass of wine in a sidewalk cafe overlooking the Seine.

But that is way down the road....  

I have miles to travel, yet, and decisions to make.

In the meantime, I'll relish the friendship, and toast it with another glass of wine.

(I could not get rid of those time and date stamps on the photos--grrr! I am as 'untechnical' as I am 'unmechanical')


  1. Love these photos. Some of the art is very good. Your friend looks chic.Mary is better,and Jim is holding up.
    But I am looking forward to meeting you very soon!

  2. Yes, Alexandra is one of my 'chic-est' friends. Thanks for the update on Mary--and Jim. I suspect she is stressing about our visit. Definitely I am looking forward to meeting you--and your lovely orchids.

  3. Yes, get thee to Paris. It is a place unlike anywhere else. We've been twice, and have never set foot in a museum, because it is so cool just to walk on their sidewalks that we never make it inside.
    Were the guys that towed you in RV techs? I think the isolator is important to overall battery health. You might want to get that checked out and fixed.

    1. The tow truck fellow was sent by the roadside service I have. He knew he could not tow it but had to put it up on the truck and he was very careful every step of the way.
      I have been trying to buy an isolator but so far, I am told no one stocks them anymore for an older Roadtrek. I will have to order it but will have to sit still long enough for it to catch up with me. Meanwhile everything is working great--for a change.