Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vail--The Tivoli Lodge

The Tivoli Lodge is the premier place to stay in Vail.  Granted, there are other fine lodges in the town but just take a look at Trip Advisor.  According to their guests, this one is the tops....

...and there is good reason for it.  Bob and Diane Lazier have lived and worked in Vail from the very beginning when they first arrived in town as newlyweds along with their german shepherd, Animal.

They were the most hardworking couple I have ever known, starting as bartender and waitress, saving every penny, using  mostly 'sweat equity',  while painstakingly erecting an ever larger inn each year or two. 

Finally, they can sit and relax on the balcony of their top floor apartment at the Tivoli while gazing out at a view that is breathtaking.

But they don't sit very long, if at all.  They are down in the lobby greeting their guests, inspecting to make sure the breakfast buffet is just perfect, checking with the staff to see if they need anything, and just bustling about, exactly the same as they did nearly 50 years ago. 

The Tivoli is a pet friendly lodge and Speedy, their chocolate lab, is at his station in the lobby as he waits to greet the first guest of the evening.

Jeepers, their little miniature collie is seldom more than a few inches away from Diane, but...

...he is always alert at breakfast time hoping for a handout.

The lobby is warm, comfortable and inviting and the Laziers insisted I spend my last night in their Inn. 

I protested of course, but they were adamant.  So I gave in.  Fireplace, TV, kingsized bed, 

...and a view of the ski slope from my balcony.

Thanks for the great night, Laziers.  You truly made my visit special.  

You, too, Speedy.

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  1. That looks just wonderful.
    Was with Mary on Wed and will probably go down again tomorrow or Sunday.
    She and Jim are getting through this.