Monday, September 23, 2013

Sally and friends

My special friend Suzie in Tucson has an extra-special sister named Sally in Centennial, Co.  So I stopped to say 'Hello' and ended up staying several days...

Sally is a school teacher,

...and a lover of 4-legged critters.

...and clearly they love her too.

At the very least, they think she is the best place to 'hang out'.

Treat time brings the entire household out. 
Even the bashful cat showed up for a treat.    
 We tried to introduce Sigh Me to the mix but she would have none of that 'sharing stuff'.

One day some friends were invited over for a 'play date'.

The owner came too...

....and a few more of 'mom's friends.'

Sally and I took one afternoon and went to Colorado's great new history museum...

...and had as much fun as a couple of kids.

Sally was better at milking...

and skiing...

But my expertise is in driving.

Oops!  Excuse me, Sally.

Kids and dogs are so fun to photograph.

Thanks for the lovely time, Sally.

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