Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jim's friends--the 'Mountain Folk'

This is the hardest of all postings.  This idyllic place, the people that lived here and this way of life may be changed forever.

Jim and I were going to a party deep into Buckhorn Canyon.  

Along the way we made several stops to visit some of his friends...

This couple had already left for the party but I couldn't resist taking pictures of their 150 year old log cabin, tucked back off the road...

and complete with a 'root cellar'.

Jim informed me that the barbed wire was often used on the windows to keep the bears out of the cabin. Yes, the curtains are a pair of Levis.

Further down the road was stop number 2-- also an old and still very functional mountain cabin...

 complete with very friendly mountain men.

When old friends get together there is always a lot to discuss...

from politics....

  to what's happening to the mountains since the forest fires came through.  There was some discussion about what the rains might bring.... 
 and clouds were gathering but today was the Annual  Buckhorn Canyon Yacht Club Party!

Everyone would be there--including the dogs!

Costumes were in order and there was an official greeter at the door--with a serious water gun.  After all, riff raff had to be kept out.

Few got in unscathed....

and a few welcomed the liquid greeting.

Jim and I found the backdoor which led away from the water gun and right to the food....

The dogs greeted each other as exuberantly as their human counterparts.

The stories grew larger and more colorful as the afternoon progressed...

And I could tell these friends had known each other for upwards of 40 and 50 years.

The highlight of the afternoon was when the musicians pulled out their various instruments and began to serenade us....

and we are not talking amateur wannabes.

These guys--and gals--were good.  And 'back in the day' a fair number of them had been professionals.

Even Jerry Garcia was spotted in the crowd.


This fella made his banjo (?) from the local trees--there were six different trees in this instrument and he was justly proud.  Besides that he could really play it.

I felt truly privileged to have been invited to this affair.

And, even though much has been lost, I am sure these friends will find a way to make this party happen again.

Nobody could guess that this would all change in no more than a weeks time.

It was such a perfect day that I found the hammock, and as I lay there looking out over the mountain I couldn't help but think what a pleasant life this was.


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  2. You bring us such unique characters......and they accept you like one of their own. :)