Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lions Head

  If the development of Vail surprised me,  then the next door village of Lionshead utterly stunned me.  
Once again the flowers were abundant and beautiful.  

April and I had a 'gourmet pizza' at a sidewalk cafe and were encased on all sides by many-storied buildings, all new but built to look old and 'traditional' with balconies over-looking the plazas.

Of course there were no cars--only bikes, dogs, families strolling, and in every direction was a perfect picture. 

Behind the town I could just make out the lower runs of the ski slope.

We happened on a wedding that just added to the fairy-tale atmosphere of the setting.  It was so perfect I had the feeling that, any minute, some crazy director would yell, 'cut' and the whole setting would disappear into false fronts and backlot trailers.   

And then I glimpsed the wedding party's ring-bearer plus several other (once) carefully-dressed young men who had escaped to find their own shangri-la in the form of a dancing fountain.

It doesn't matter how much the clothes or shoes cost, children will always find the water.

Nuff said...there are no words to describe the transformation of a once bucolic pastureland into....

(fill in the blanks)

Keep in touch, April.  It was great to see you again.  

I dropped April off at her apartment down the road in Avon then drove back toward Vail, parked along the river and curled up with Sigh Me in my modest little abode on wheels.  The sound of the river put us both right to sleep.

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