Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Masonville Mercantile Store

I spoke to sister, Mary, last night and learned that this unusual store located between Big Thompson Canyon and Buckhorn Canyon has actually survived the flood and is being used as an 'evacuation center'.

Masonville Mercantile
A Want and Wish Store
Est 1896

The owners are 'Collectors Extraordinaire'.
The above is part of an old jailhouse....

And when you peek in through the bars you find....

But going through the front door is another experience altogether.

I failed to get their names but one of the ladies above is part of the husband/wife team that own the store and the other is related.  And they are just as cheerful,  friendly and vivacious as they appear in the photo.

The store is really an array of 'collections' like few others I've seen.  This is a collection of old goggles.

And a collection of Red and Purple accessories that are the favorite of the ladies from the 'Purple Hat Society'.  

Of course there is the 'Elvis Collection' and the 'Judy Garland Collection' plus dozens more.

The vintage clothes collection is so vast and beautiful that it is popularly used for 'Period Wedding Attire'.  I thought what fun a wedding, done all in 1920s fashion would be.  The ladies were putting one together that very day.

Hubby's collections were all outside. 

Statues and replicas and interesting authentic stuff. 

Jim and I were heading for a party up in Buckhorn Canyon so we had to push on....

But the owner agreed to 'make my day' and pose for a picture...

I was so relieved to hear that this place survived and was able to help the neighbors.
    From the pictures I have seen on line there is little left in the surrounding areas.  The road from Drake through the canyon, the bridges we crossed, the RV place I stayed and the communities of Estes Park and Drake and many others are gone, marooned or under water.  The road to Jim's property on storm mountain has washed out in many places and his neighbor's that have not gotten out are stranded.  Rescue efforts are underway with helicopters but decisions have to be made.  Leave homes plus horses, dogs, farm animals to starve through the winter, or stay behind and be cut off from everything.  These are hardy people but this is a test of endurance that is beyond comprehension. Hattie's Blog made the observation that this is 'Colorado's New Orleans'. How true.


  1. This is so hard. Jim is really upset. He was able to get through briefly. The woman he was talking to was crying and saying they had to get out.

  2. This is a wonderful off the main road Colorado tourist attraction on the way to Estes Park, CO