Monday, September 16, 2013

Estes Park

While we had a little time, Jim thought we ought to take a drive up into Estes Park.    

Rain clouds were flowing by and brief showers came and went.

But overall, the trip was beautiful.

We heard from Mary, and she was pretty upset with the change of plans.  And from what I could tell from the conversation she wasn't being the most patient of patients and was eager for Jim to get home.

And naturally Jim was  worried and disappointed but he's also a pretty mellow guy.

The scenery was spectacular as we climbed high above the valley.  Way down below we could see the escarpment of debris carried from the dam that ruptured back in 1982.

It did not look like much but that white strip that comes down that canyon in the photo above is a field of huge boulders.  The story is that the lake formed by the dam emptied completely in 60 seconds when the dam gave way. The force of the water must have been huge.

The top of this mountain is as high as Loveland Pass.  We were well above timberline and I was certain someone had turned off the oxygen.
Maybe next year, Jim.   

That dark rock of Lava Cliffs is called welded tuff.  It formed as a result of a violent volcanic explosion some 28 million years ago. That little bit of ice is all that is left of a glacier.
The next day is The Annual Buckhorn Canyon Yacht Club party.  It is very exclusive but I have an invitation.


  1. So sad. It looks like heaven there. I had planned some day to see it, too.

  2. Unbelievable that what you have pictures of is gone or drastically changed.