Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trip to Nowhere

Well, Typhoon Toni was still wielding her dirty work during her visit with Alexandra.

I have made two stops in Santa Fe with an added desire to make a trip to Chaco Canyon and each time I have been thwarted.

Alexandra and I started out to spend the night at the canyon and return the next day. but the rains came...
ALL DAY!  We drove all the way to the entrance road to the canyon and were told by a gas station attendant, "You will surely get stuck in the mud on that unpaved road."

So we drove all afternoon--back the way we had come.  However,  along the way we passed the country that so inspired Georgia O'Keefe.

And even though the day was gray and dismal, much of the incredible color could be seen in the cliffs that surrounded the area.

I will be back to see this--on a sunny day.  Maybe next year.

It was still fun to spend the day chatting with Alexandra...

And I wanted to show that the color of her hair exactly matched the color of the cliffs--but alas, the cliffs paled in comparison.

The next morning I said my goodbyes and headed to Ft Worth to visit again with Aunt Louise.

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