Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dave's Stove Shop, Glen Rose, the back yard

Returning to Aledo, Texas meant another visit to Dave's Stove shop--

Where you can find just about anything you really don't need...

Plus the best sandwich shop that no one has ever heard of.

I cannot describe how good that roast beef sandwich is...

And when I asked the ladies that work there why there isn't a sign out front screaming in giant neon letters, "The best little cafe in all of Texas" they replied...

"We don't have enough chairs."

Aunt Louise (Center) and her neighbors, David (left) and his mom, Betty Kay (right),
 joined us one night for dinner.  David has just published his second science fiction novel and was quite proud--so was his mom, naturally.  I'm hoping to read one of the books soon.
BTW, I have no idea who that guy in the funny hat is.

I parked in Aunt Louise's driveway out in the country--it's a nice place for sleeping and a great view out my back window...

and I woke to some surprise visitors the next morning.

It was a doe and her baby, calmly dining on the field of wild grasses and completely unafraid by my presence.
But that night about 10 pm I was startled by nearby gunshots and the next morning I asked Aunt Louise who might be shooting--and at what? She informed me that someone has been picking off the deer and she is sure they have been shooting into her yard!  

She puts water out for the deer and we now we have noticed that the water has not been touched at all since the night of the shooting.  I am wondering if I might hide in the bushes and shoot back at these poachers.  Would that qualify as 'Stand your Ground"?
It makes me so angry but I don't really know what to do about it.  However, I do know that if someone is hunting in my 93 year old aunt's yard at night, killing nearly pet deer, and possibly injuring Aunt Louise,--well, I am enraged.  But, short of a 'Shoot out at the OK Corral' what do I do?

On a Sunday morning we invited a friend of Aunt Louise's named Lisa to go for a drive to Glen Rose so I could indulge--just once more--in a Texas-style chicken fried steak.

Lisa has been helping out Aunt Louise for some time now and will be helping me out as well (baby-sitting Sigh Me when Aunt Louise and I go to Hawaii on October 16th).

At one time Glen Rose had a large resort business with tourists coming to this small town to indulge in the natural hot springs that abound here.
However, the hot springs and the business has died away and many of the pleasant little cabins along the river that were the getaways for people from Dallas and Ft Worth are falling into disrepair.
But some effort has been made to save a few of the oldest of the houses 

and buildings.  


  1. How come people stopped coming out there? It looks fascinating. But if I felt there was some Texan with a gun behind every tree, that could get on my nerves.
    I can hardly wait to meet you and Aunt Louise in person!

  2. your post are wonderful, I feel like I am there.
    what is aunt Louise neighbor David last name,? i love science fiction.