Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Circus in Shreveport, La

It was the first weekend in October and time for my third trip to Louisiana in my quest to meet and learn about members of my father's family. I was headed to Shreveport to meet first cousin, Jo Beverly Eddins.

I chose to spend the night at one of my favorite overnight resorts, Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Dallas.  I followed their signs to the back of the parking lot where the restaurant has designated RV overnight parking.

The view out the front window wasn't the greatest, but the back window was lovely....  

....and quiet.

Several years back, when I started this Odyssey, one of my primary goals was to learn more about my father's family.
The early search for my roots was summed up under the posting called "My Lambert Quest" Part 1 (11/4/12) and Part 2" (11/5/12).

Sometime after that second visit to Robeline and the Lambert Town Cemetery I received a surprise phone call from a first cousin by the name of JoBeverly Eddins. Her father and my father were brothers, her parents had cared for me as an infant while my mother worked, and JoBeverly had often acted as my babysitter. She was a mere 17 years old at the time--and now is a very youthful 89.
When I talked to her on the phone one year ago I promised that I would come to see her this October.  The visit was very rewarding though the time I chose to come was also very sad.
From her I have learned much about my father, much more history of the Lamberts,  and that she is a very special lady.  For example, she is still working--at the Caddo Council on Aging. There is a fun interview with her on Youtube

Sadly, JoBeverly's son, Steven Eddins, died quite tragically only a month before I arrived.  He was 62 years old-- far too young and very much a critical part of JoB's life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steven Eddins' wife, Brenda (right) and Brenda's mother, Lilly (left) while in Shreveport....

...and Kim Reeves, JoB's niece from Houston.  Kim and I have made a pact--to caravan to Alaska sometime in the next few years.  You can tell by that smile that she will be a fun one to travel with.  Anyone else out there care to join the caravan?

Me, a clown friend, JoB, another clown friend, Brenda, and Lilly.
JoB arranged for tickets for us to go to the Shrine Circus and it was then we learned a secret--Lilly had never seen a circus before--in her entire life!  Lilly's home is up in the Smokey Mountains where, I guess, the circus never ventures.

A clown friend, Kim, Another clown friend.

I insisted on sitting next to Lilly and, I must say...

 ....watching her was better than what was going on in the ring.

I heard her gasps....

...then sighs

...her laughs....

....then a WOW!

and any number of times I glanced over to see her covering her eyes.  Unfortunately, I missed that picture.

But a few times I think I was covering my own eyes.

I don't think I have ever seen trained camels before.

There were 5 motorcycles in that ball--and all were going at full speed!  Good Grief!

The best lighting came from the souvenirs sold to the kids in the audience, and the music was loud, annoying, very harsh punk rock.  What happened to the old-fashioned calliope music?  Am I too out of sync?  But still it was fun, and perhaps a respite for Brenda and JoBeverly 


  1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy this time with Jo and Kim and others. If Kim is JoB's cousin is she yours too or on the other side of Jo's family? I think you and Kim favor is why I ask.
    Get back to me on the Alaskan travels maybe I will be retired by then or I can take a long vacation.
    Give Mary a hug for me.

  2. The circus and the lambert family.....what entertainment!! ....thanks for the update .......gotta love Jo Beverly.....

    dean lambert

  3. Wonderful people. I would love to meet some of them.
    And a caravan sounds wonderful. We might talk about that sometime.

  4. Joby, Bren and I were just sitting here at Joby's kitchen table reading your blog about the circus and your trip to Shreveport. We loved reading your impressions of us and seeing the wonderful pictures. Can't tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the Lambert family. Really looking forward to our trek to Alaska. Sounds like we may have a large caravan traveling together. What fun! BTW, the weather in Shreveport today is a cool, crisp fall day. It doesn't get any better than this.