Monday, October 14, 2013

Just another Restaurant--Glen Rose, Tx

One of my sisters tells me I spend far too much time writing about food.  I don't understand why she thinks that.

Now, let me tell you about this lovely restaurant in Glen Rose....

Aunt Louise wanted to know what I would like to eat on this visit and instantly, I declared,  'chicken fried steak.'

Whereupon, she announced that this restaurant, a mere 45 minute drive away, was the best for chicken fried steak.  And, without a doubt, I agree.  Boy, is it good.

The restaurant  is in one of those lovely old homes. right in the heart of the small town of Glen Rose where you can dine on the porch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and watch the neighbors pass by.

As usual, the staff recognized Aunt Louise and each one stopped at our table to see how she was doing.

It is always fun to go somewhere with Aunt Louise--she knows so many people, but even better, she knows the history of the area, and all the scandals, too.

Someone should follow us's another "Driving Miss Daisy" in the making.

This guy was on the window next to our table. I think he's a pet.
See, I don't just write about food.

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  1. love food places ,so many different kind---
    don`t stop taking food...