Monday, November 26, 2012

Where the locals go.....

"Let's go out for lunch," Aunt Louise suggested. (BTW, she suggests that every day and when I start tiring out from all the coming-and-going, my 90+ year old aunt will say something like,  "Maybe you should take a nap." She never takes a nap and her energy never wanes.)

Half way between Aledo and Weatherford, Tx on the north side of I-20 sits this funky, somewhat non-identifiable store.  We parked along the access road next to a lot of other cars.  The signs read Wood Stoves, Garden Supplies, John Deere Parts.  

Nowhere did I see a restaurant or sign of one but Aunt Louise assured me we were in the right place.

I wanted this guy for my house in Tucson but couldn't figure how to carry him. I did think Halcyon II would look good with a bowsprit figurehead--if she only had a bowsprit.

Inside the door we found...well, stuff...Lots and lots of stuff.

Room one--nuts, bolts, hardware.

Room two--chairs and stoves

Room three--stove accessories

Room four--antique chairs and desks

I'm still in room four when I spied this relic.  I remembered it from my childhood and suspect that at least one of my sisters will remember it too. (any guesses?)

Room five--more antiques...and more stuff.

Ditto, room six...

and seven...(boy, I am getting hungry) 

At the entrance to room eight was a table with two ladies, eating a sandwich--ahh, food at last.

And here it is!  Room nine with tables and chairs and ladies behind that counter serving some of the most luscious looking sandwiches on fresh-baked bread. 

My mouth watered for a slice of the home-made peach pie but I would have to work my way through this 5 pound roast beef sandwich first.

"What's this restaurant called?" I asked.
"It's the Wood Stove Store," Aunt Louise replied, disdainfully.

Oh, of course.


  1. Love it, Toni. My kind of place.


    1. Jamie, I did think of you while I was there. I just knew it would be one you would like and one that Linda would be scolding you about. There wasn't a vegetarian or low-fat item anywhere on that menu. Toni

  2. Does anyone remember that relic? Shucks, I don't think I've had a decent fitting pair of shoes since they outlawed that contraption.

  3. Amazing to see one of those x-ray machines. Wasn't it fun to wiggle your toes and watch the bones move?