Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Requiem for a Beloved Aunt

When I opened my email each morning for the last 8 or more years I would always go first to the missive's with the moniker, 'Ladysewing'.  I knew--it would be another funny picture, joke or inspirational message from Aunt Pauline. That  connection from her computer to mine (and to most of her nieces and nephews) was the continuing reminder of her fun sense of humor --and I admit, sometimes it would surprise me (wow! Did Aunt Pauline send me that?) or (Uh oh! Not okay to open in the office.)

On this road trip I have had the pleasure of several visits with her.    Each visit gave me time to sit next to her and hear her reminisces about my summers as a teenager when I would visit her. And this has been another reason for me to relish the time I have had for reconnecting with family.

She was an excellent artist and loved flowers--both real and painted.  When I asked her what she remembered most about my blog she immediately answered, "The pretty flowers."

"Lady Sewing" was her identity.  She made dolls, doll clothes and wall hangings but her quilts were what everyone talked about. 

The handmade quilts were colorful and playful, original or traditional and all are treasured.

She created heirlooms for her family and friends....

 And for me she was a treasured aunt who will be missed. 

The flowers are for her.

From the Obituary notice in the Alexandria newspaper...
"Mrs. Pauline Maxwell Spivey, 82, of Ball, La.  passed from this life on November, 2012, at her residence. 

She was a member of the First Baptist Church, Ferriday, La. She was a loving mother, sister and grandmother that will be dearly missed."


  1. It's obvious, Toni, that Pauline was loved by many. (((Hugs to you))) Wendy

  2. I'm sorry Mom. Good thing you were able to take this trip and see her.

  3. You are right Toni, she was a treasured aunt that we will miss. You are so fortunate to get to have visited with her recently. I wish I could have seen her one more time.