Monday, October 24, 2011

Springhill Cemetary

It is not a myth that southern women like to go to cemetaries. I am no exception. The gravestones tell me stories--some romantic, some sad. The history of wars, influenza, immigration, struggles of the depression, and struggles with survival are all told on headstones.
Tinker and I went looking for a particular cemetary and some long gone relatives. We went first to this very nice man's house who was the keeper of the records for the cemetary. He also had a great yard and this wonderful bottle tree.

I am so sorry I have forgotten his name but he was so accommodating. He found the records we needed, gave us a map of the cemetary and then a tour of his garden.

Tinker with map in hand. The setting was so lovely--we should have brought a picnic lunch.

This is my Aunt Billie. I spent many a summer plus two school years with her when Mother was working and going to business school. Aunt Billie was way too young when she died--57 years old--and there are many things I never got to know about her. The main one was 'how did she get the name, Billie?' If there is a relative out there reading this that knows then please let me know.

We also found the graves of two great uncles and my great grandparents on my mother's side.


  1. Did you know Springhill Cemetery was once family land? You can check with Mom but I believe she told me it all belonged to Grandpa Jinx Morgan. He gave the land to be used for the church and cemetery. Aunt Evelyn, Margie, Buford Paul and kids use to live down the road. Some of the kids may still be there (not sure of their married names).
    One of the earlier dates I took Jerry on was a family gathering and picnic in the cemetery. I think it kind of creeped him out at first but I told him we wanted all of the family we could to be there.
    Did you see Grandpa's grave with a wife on each side?
    Grandpa raised pigs and I guess used to feed them strawberries and cream to fatten them up.
    Somewhere around there use to be his house.

  2. I remember some good singing and great food there at the dinner on the grounds!