Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knack-A-dish, Louisiana

It was right at 5 pm rush hour when I drove into downtown Nachitoches and this is what I found! Here is the main street that runs right along the river and it is as quaint and charming as any town I have seen so far. Please note the wrought iron balconies and the fire brick street.

If you look closely you can see me parked under a very spectacular hanging basket of begonias. There were these iron benches everywhere. If I did not have to get to Aunt Pauline's before dark I would have stayed a while and explored. This is a town I will definitely return to sometime in the future.

On one side of the street are the shops and on the other side of the street is an enbankment that drops down to the river. I could just imagine men loading bales of cotton on barges that were heading to the markets in New Orleans.

That egret is real! He posed very nicely for the photo.

There were flowers everywhere! And pumpkins.

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