Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Many to Nachitoches and Kenny White

First off (is that a Southern expression?) Nachitoches, La is pronounced "Knack-ah-dish" and Nacogdoches, Tx is pronounced "Knack-ah-doe-chis"

Second off (?)--Overheard by two guys in a restaurant in Many. They were sitting at tables side-by-side:
     "Are you from here?"
     "Nope,  Springfield, Missouri.  Just visitin' friends.  Where you from?"
     "Here.  But I know someone from Missouri.  You ever hear a' Kenny White?"
     "Yeah, I know a Ken White from somewhere in Missouri.  I can't remember the town though.  Boy, was he a character.  (the man then tells a fish story about his Ken White).
     "Yep, that sounds like Kenny alright.  One time we was at a BBQ place and ol' Kenny.... 20 more minutes of stories before they shook hands and said,  "See ya around."
      "As one of them leaves he gives a parting shot..."Say Hello to Ol' Ken for me next time you see him."
      "Will do.  Enjoyed talkin' to ya."

I had the distinct feeling that neither of these guys actually knew a Kenny White from Missouri but that  probably wasn't important anyway.

At the risk of becoming political on this blog, a friend sent me the following post.  I am so depressed at the condition of the small businesses (especially the lack of mom & pop restaurants) in this country that I will do anything to champion them. Please take a minute to read this article and check out the blog....
                                     This is the actual fund address................

The flowers were beautiful all around Many and Robeline.  I promised to photograph lots of flowers for Aunt are a few...

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