Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Lost

Ron named the GPS 'Elizabeth' and I have come to believe that she is mischievous and sometimes spiteful. If I decide to get off the freeway and take some of these wonderful little backroads that wander through the swamps and along the rivers then Elizabeth reverts to this scolding voice and insists over and over that I take "the first available u-turn". And when she won't shut up then I mute her voice and continue on my merry way past old antebellum homes and oak trees that date back to the earliest French settlers.
However, lately she has been leading me into right turns that develop into peoples driveways and one road that stopped very abruptly at a river bank! Six more feet and I would have dropped off the end of an old ferry dock! Elizabeth either wants to drown me or she did not get the message that a new bridge had been built across the river.

Fortunately, they built the bridge high enough that I spied it some 3 miles away across the tops of the trees. Elizabeth kept telling me to turn around but I perservered. I think I am going to turn in Elizabeth for one of the newer models with less nagging voices--Like the one that features Obi-wan Kenobi very gently saying, "May the force be with you" when you stray from the regular path.

The new bridge that crosses False River. I think that is where I am--but it doesn't matter. I have the time to get lost.

These beautiful old plantation homes are no where near the freeways but they are not to be missed. There are so many that have been lovingly restored and cared for and the country roads sometimes pass right by the front doors. And there was not a Walmart or a Subway for miles around!

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