Monday, October 10, 2011


First I said a tearful goodbye to Aunt Louise with lots of promises to come back to Ft Worth about this time next year.
Then it was on to Dallas and the 'elephant barn' (above) for one last time to say goodbye to Hal & Chloe. However, the saddest of all was hearing about the death of their 8 week old great grandson, Sebastian....
Sebastian was born to Hal and Chloe's grand daughter, Paige. He was born missing some very vital body organs and, even though there was every effort made to save him, it finally came down to a decision to disconnect the machines and let him go. His mother, Paige, is only 22 years old and this was her first child. I remember Paige as a sassy, giggly little 10 year old full of energy and promise. This will be very hard for her to bear but she has lots of family that love her and will be there for her.

The weather has cooled way down and as Sigh Me and I left Texas we both could feel the change in the air. Nights have dropped into the 60's and the days are in the 80's. The brisk winds tell us that fall is just around the corner.

Wow! We are beginning to see water everywhere! And the trees are not so brown. This river, just after leaving Texas, was full of turtles.

And the trailer park was full of .......! I may have left the stuffed heads and gun shows behind but that proudly displayed confederate flag is even more uncomfortable.
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