Thursday, October 13, 2011


I stayed for two days in an RV park next to a casino in Bossier City. The casino was noisy and smelly but a large river ran right next to the park and I needed to feel there was still water out there somewhere--in lakes, rivers, ponds. I was looking for anything lush and green and wet. The sign above seemed to speak for much of this part of the country (Texas and Louisiana) where stressed trees and dry lakebeds are everywhere.
Then I found this RV park in Toledo Bend State Park. Wow! The tallest pine trees I have seen outside of California. The park is on a large lake that has dried up so much there is no way to launch a boat or fish from a pier but .....
The trees were beautiful and smelled green and fresh. Ahh! the sleeping was heavenly! Sigh Me watched the squirrels, cardinals and jays for hours in total fascination. I rode my bicycle around and around the park--we stayed for two days but I could have stayed for a week.

This was my view looking up through the windows of the van.

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