Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aunt Pauline--Expert Quilter

I wish that i had taken pictures of all of Aunt Pauline's quilts--there are dozens of them and all are incredibly beautiful. I slept under the one above.
She also makes dolls and paints amazing pictures.

Tinker loves flamingoes so Aunt Pauline did a wall hanging to go with the quilt.


  1. Nice work! I hope her hands are holding up because I know what handwork can do to dem bones! What awesome dolls too!

  2. Sure wish I had her talent. She is the best quilt maker I know.

  3. Aunt Pauline has got the gift for making the quilts. They are beautiful. Her Mom used to make them and other things like handbags. She would put them on her bed and at Christmas she would let you go in and select a gift. I still have a afghan and a tote bag she made.