Monday, October 24, 2011

Piney Woods country

The first day at Aunt Pauline Spivey's and we went to Faud's Restaurant--another Mom & Pop that is 'World Famous' in Ball, Louisiana. Aunt Doris and Uncle Joe Maxwell drove into town to have lunch with us.
From left to right: Tinker Spivey (okay, so her real name is Elizabeth but she will always be Tinker to me), Aunt Doris and Uncle Joe Maxwell, me, and Aunt Pauline Spivey.
The meal was great--my first taste of gumbo in many a year. Catfish & fried shrimp--oh, my!! I know why this little restaurant is the favorite in town.
Here are the cooks! Mother and daughter. Mom rules the roost but the daughter made the gumbo. The customers just kept rolling in--and most of them knew the family. If you look to the back on the right you will note the tickets hanging with clothes pins. Back to work, folks!
Later we drove out to Uncle Joe's place in the piney woods. Above are Aunt Doris and cousin Patsy. I was so sorry there was no more time to spend there--It is so quiet and peaceful. But it was wonderful to see these folks again.

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