Friday, May 31, 2013

Black Butte Lake

Sister Jo, Sigh Me and I left Redding and headed south on I-5.  At Orland we turned west toward the coast and made our first stop at Black Butte Lake.  We only planned one night there but the wind was blowing so hard we stayed two nights.

The setting was lovely and it was a good introduction to RV living for Jo.  After all, we were planning to travel together for at least the next 10 days--a true test of sisterly love.

Challenge #1 turned out to be Sigh Me.  The conversation went something like this....
"I know Jo called you the 'B' word but you never should have hissed at her when she put you out of the passenger seat.  Now let's see if you can share while she's with us."

Challenge #2 was when it was time to dump the holding tanks.

So Jo found a place to sit and helped by watching the whole procedure--from a safe distance.

We had lots of company.  There were few other campers but the deer were plentiful.

And they came right through our camp with little hesitation.  

While we waited for the wind to die...

We took walks, played rummy...


and Jo knitted me a hat! 

It was a good start to the trip.
The next stop--the Mendocino Coast.

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  1. That hat sure came in handy when you were camping with us. Wished I had one when I saw yours.