Thursday, May 2, 2013

Roger D. Larson

He is the person most responsible for my incredible life experiences.  From the day we were married he never stopped telling me, "You can do it.  Whatever your imagination might dream up, you can find a way to make it happen."  And, even though he died 15 years before I moved into Halcyon II and started on this latest amazing adventure, his voice was there--urging me on.

We were married 35 years before cancer took him from me. If he were alive today he would be right here with me.

When he retired (after years of owning or managing restaurants and hotels) he bought a salmon fishing boat, kept it here at Moss Landing and for three or four days each week went salmon fishing.  He docked the boat for the last time just two weeks before he died.


His ashes are buried in the fisherman's cemetery in Moss Landing, just a few hundred yards from the ocean he loved. When the kids and I started searching for a headstone we had to reject all the traditional ones--they did not fit his persona at all. This onyx plaque was one he bought on a trip to Mexico back in the 60's and he was especially proud of it.  For years it hung in a prominent place in our  living room.  I do not know anything about the god or warrior carved on it--but it doesn't matter,it is the memory that it invokes that makes it special.
Roger Douglas Larson
June 18, 1930 - October 19, 1995
Forever Halcyon


  1. Yes, that is a wonderful plaque and a fine tribute to your late husband.

  2. Nice tribute to Roger. I have always been amazed at the chances and changes he would take in the road of life he was traveling down. So many adventures. I have told many people about the two of you. And I still hear stories of things you did and places you've been that I had never heard before.