Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sisters and such....

My family is the 'Modern Family' with connections that sometimes defy coherent explanation.  But it is always true--that your family is what you make it, the members are those you elect to embrace.  Love and mutual respect are valued ingredients but laughter is the spice.

Redding, Calif. saw a 'sister reunion' after many many years. The relationships;
Carolyn (on far left) shares a father but not a mother with Mary (center left) and Jo (center right),
Mary and Jo share a mother and father,
Me, Toni (far right) shares a mother with Jo and Mary but not a father.
Carolyn is the youngest and I am the oldest.

Carolyn is grandmother to this adorable little pixie named Alyssa.

Jo is grandmother to this beautiful and very talented teenager named Allison.


Kendra lives next door to Carolyn and visits regularly in her golf cart. She is also another relation to the family.

Carolyn's very nice husband, Sam.

Ken (center) and wife, Andrea (left) are Jo's son and daughter-in-law.
Aunt Mary is on the right. 

The four sisters...Jo, Carolyn, Mary, Me

Mary, Jo, Me
 Jo, Carolyn, Mary


  1. You all look great! See you soon, Mary!

  2. Absolutely the family photos....row of family......"and a Lambert on the end". :)

  3. Wow. I had no idea that I have an aunt Carolyne.

  4. Ron...Three things come to mind, First, Carolyn might object to the term, 'Aunt' since you are both about the same age. Second, Besides Carolyn you may also not be aware of 'Aunt' Linda, and 'Uncles' Jimmy, Jerry and Johnny. And Third, don't you just love when all the family secrets come out?

  5. "Aunt" is fine by me!.....Thank you Toni for the great family time we spent together! I enjoyed it so very much and somehow the empty spot in my heart now feels better! Xoxo

  6. Wow Toni.......I thought the suspense was on the Lambert side of your family.......we evidently are the dull side :)


    1. LOL--Somehow I bet the Lamberts have a few secrets too. I think of it as that 'Southern Culture'.

  7. Thanks for the photos Toni. It puts our crazy, extended family in perspective.