Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kathy and Calistoga

Heading north from the San Francisco area I planned a stop to see a friend from 50 years back--Kathy Donovan.

We had worked together in a tiny little ski area in Colorado that was barely open when Kathy, my friend Suzie, my husband Roger and I descended on the town. I understand this particular little village has become fairly well-known--it's called Vail.

After a few years the friends all scattered to other towns and adventures and lives.  Kathy settled in wine country. These two pictures above are her view from her front porch, up in the mountains outside of Santa Rosa.

I parked next to Kathy's house for two nights and we talked non-stop,  reliving some of the best times of our youth.

I love the fact that it is possible to sit across the table from an old friend,  in an excellent restaurant and reminisce for hours about a bygone era as though it were yesterday.  That we can still feel the connections though a lifetime of events have filled the 'in-between years'.
Once again I realize how special it is to travel this way and the opportunities I have along the way to renew friendships.

From Kathy's house I drove into the little town of Calistoga--where the bottled water comes from.  

The town is quaint and touristy with lots of interesting artwork throughout.

I especially liked this ten foot plant.

Then, as I drove through downtown I spied this unusual tree followed by 4 more.
I had to know more so I pulled into a parking lot and got out to explore.  

Each flower box had a sign attached

'I WANT LESS.............'

and the notes on the trees were placed there by passers-by, each note expressing the writer's anonymous  thought.
(answers;  Taxes, BS, criticism, backaches, kids, mother in law....)

'I WANT MORE........
(answers: Love, sex, money, appreciation, Jason, silliness.....} 



(on this one I put, "When Sigh Me curls up next to me on a cold night and purrs)

When I first pulled into that parking lot next to the trees a man came running out from one of those buildings and started shouting at me to stop.  Since I had already stopped and was getting ready to leave the RV I thought I must have parked in the wrong place.  So I put the window down and the following conversation occurred,
 "I'll  move." I said.
He yelled, "Oh, God!  Just don't back up!"
I said, "I wasn't planning to. But I'll find another parking place."
He was clearly agitated, "Do whatever you want, JUST DON'T HIT MY CAR!"
I was confused.  "What car?"  Whereupon he pointed to that covered vehicle.
"I am sure I will not hit your car!" I said.  By now I was getting annoyed but he had to add,  "My car is very expensive.  Just be sure you keep that RV out of reverse" and he stormed away in a huff.
For a brief instant I contemplated what was under that tarp and how much it might cost me to back up and flatten it.


  1. I saw that scene in a movie once. A guy parked his car and lovingly covered it. Then car after car ran into it. But it held it's shape until he took the cover off.

  2. Go back three boxes...."I WANT LESS... paranoid assholes with expensive cars"


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