Thursday, May 16, 2013

San Francisco

The fog from the coast followed me all the way into San Francisco. When I entered the city I drove across the bridge and took the first exit off the freeway. This lookout point on the Sausalito side of the bay is the best spot I know to admire the city.

It was a relief to pull out of the traffic for a minute.  After weeks of traveling the coast with scant traffic from  Santa Barbara to San Francisco it was a shock to come across the mountains into the city.  Cars, trucks, traffic lights, buses, confusing signs, horns, sirens, all were like electric shocks to my system.

But the view alone was worth the trip.

My youngest son, Tom, will recognize this spot on the bay--it was his home for several years when he lived on a sailboat.

I decided this was the perfect view from my window for lunch so I fixed a sandwich, stretched out and relaxed for an hour.  During my respite from the traffic no less then two different people knocked on my window to ask about my rig.  I think I am going to contact Roadtrek someday and ask for a commission.

Back across the bridge I parked along Fisherman's Wharf and played tourist for the next few hours.

The street musicians were out on every corner...

and were both entertaining,

and very talented.

The usual attractions could not coax any money out of me...

But I did treat myself to a cup of chowder and some fish and chips.

Contemplated taking a tour to Alcatraz...

But the foggy air was so cold I decided to skip it.

On the way back to the RV I bought a big loaf of freshly baked bread and couldn't resist indulging in a fist-sized chunk of it before I got back to the van.

And there I found Sigh Me staring intently out the rear view window.  Her gaze did not waver but remained fixated on an object right outside the van....

I think she has fallen in love!


  1. I'm impressed that you could find a place to park at the water front. The last time we were there it was just terrible finding a place to leave the truck. I think we're one and done on the water front, too many tee shirt stores. The view from the headlands is pretty spectacular.

  2. Allison...That parking place across from Aliota's just opened up in front of me as I drove by--must be my 'clean living'. (yeah, right). I Agree about the tee shirt shops, ugh. And tattoo parlors and junk souvenirs, etc. But still love the street performers, the seafood (though way overpriced), and the general mayhem. I had the same ambivalence in New Orleans and again in Santa Barbara. And I avoided Carmel for the same reason. Somehow we keep destroying the places we love the most.