Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jo's Place, Carolyn's Place and a tribute to Mom

The countryside around Redding, Ca. is just spectacular in May... 
The snow-capped mountains that guard this valley invited me, at every turn, to stop and take a photo--much to the displeasure of the cars behind me.

Sister Jo lives up in the mountains about 30 miles from Redding and several miles outside of a little town called Oak Run.

But that was not enough seclusion for her.  She also lives 'off the grid' down a long dirt road and far enough away from city noise that you can hear the breeze in the trees, count the stars and occasionally, have a bear or a skunk wander onto your back porch.
A small mountain stream runs through her property and provided the perfect music to lull me to sleep at night.

What do you do for entertainment in the mountains?  Watch the bird feeders out the windows, read books, paint colorful pictures and....

explore new spots for walks and picnics.

After a couple of days we drove back into Redding to stay with Carolyn and explore the big city.

The Sacramento River slices through Redding and provides for some very scenic parks with over 20 miles of walking trails.

The crowning touch to the river is this interesting structure called the Sundial Bridge....

Jo and I did the 'tourist thing' and walked across...

then we went and had lunch with granddaughter, Allison.

I spent the next few days parked in Carolyn's and Sam's yard.  Carolyn is quite the gardener and everywhere I looked I could see...

charming spots planted with every kind of flower....

and in every kind of container.

I am not kidding!

Besides being a master gardener, Carolyn is a super cook....

She calls this  'Beer-in-the-Butt Chicken' was delicious.

Next to photographing mountains, I couldn't stop taking pictures of Alysia.

Even 'time-out' was too cute to pass up.

Mom, Ashley, may have her hands full but we all agreed that Alysia was great entertainment.  

Jo and I started planning our week together--next stop,  Black Butte Lake.

Mother's Day came while I was with my sisters.   I found this picture hanging on the wall at Jo's house and suddenly missed my Mom.  That is Jo on her lap and me in the chair--I am the one sporting that enormous bow in her hair.


  1. I absolutely love the picture of Aunt Vivian and Jo and you! I miss your Mom. Did Jo paint the picture? So simple but fun I really like it. Jo,enjoyed our short visit a few years back to bad we can't get together more.

  2. Yes, Jo painted that very cute picture. Isn't it fun to see all the artists in the family? I must get my water colors out and give it a try.

  3. Such a sweet picture of Aunt Vivian with you girls:)

  4. What a beautiful an talented family you are! And original and independent like few others.