Saturday, May 18, 2013

We miss you Charles Schulz...

It was a sad day when the following headline appeared in every newspaper in the country.
(All italics in the following posting is copied from material found throughout the museum.)

The nation's beloved cartoonist was no more--but he left a legacy that will endure for far longer than Charles Schulz had lived.

The Charles Shultz Museum in Santa Rosa was worth every minute of  my time.  I found myself smiling from the moment I walked up to the entrance where I encountered the ever-hopeful Charlie Brown pointing me the way to the ticket office.

The building is lovely, built by his widow in the very neighborhood where Charles Schulz worked. The gardens are beautiful...

And filled with old friends.
The charming little characters are everywhere inside...

each one a classic in his own way.

The walls of the two story building are covered with hundreds of Schulz's cartoons and I found myself wanting to read every one.

 But this cartoon best describes my present day frustration with all the cords related to the electronics that have taken over my life--computer, iPad, camera, chargers, speakers, grrr! No matter how hard I try to stay organized those cords will inevitably end up in a single snarled ball. I think Linus said it all.

"The comics entered my world early;  I was two days old when an uncle nicknamed me 'Sparky', short for Spark Plug, Barney Google's horse in a popular comic strip of the time.  And that name has stayed with me since." CMS

"Think about the content of Peanuts: frustration, loss and fear of loss, insecurity, aspiration of art and heroism, love lust, sibling rivalry, arrogance, kindness, friendship, disgrace, rebellion and the existential orneriness of everyday existence.  Realize that these grand themes have been expressed with charm and unfailing humor in drawings as simple and evocative as a fine haiku every day for almost 50 years. " 

I just spent 3 weeks with my two sisters so the above cartoon may be a little too close.  HMMM....

Lucy to the rescue.  

  But I love my sisters--just hope they love me back.

"Cartooning is still just drawing funny pictures." CMS

Look at this picture.  There are only seven small lines plus a squiggle for his hair yet he is universally recognized. And the dismay Charlie is feeling is clearly communicated. 
Now acknowledge--Charles Schulz is one of the century's greatest artists."

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  1. Been busy but following your travels with great interest. Such things there are to see and do if you have time and imagination. As you do.