Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Goat Farm

As I drove around Pescadero...

I started following these really cute signs along the country roads....

Signs with humor and/or originality always catch my eye.

Billboards are so annoying but everyone the right age remembers the Burma Shave ads. They were original and very clever.

If I had a business I would advertise it with a little girl and a cat (that looked like Sigh Me)....

When I reached the Goat Farm I found a really booming business...

A little shop filled with all flavors of goat cheeses using the herbs grown on their farm...

And hourly tours of the farm and cheese processing area...

plus ONE HUNDRED brand new baby goats!  The hundredth one was born that morning.                           

Everyone of these kids were less than 1 week old and I could have watched them for hours.  I wish my camera could have captured all the leaping and butting and silliness of these little guys.  

I bought 5 lbs of goat cheese and headed to San Francisco.


  1. Enjoyed.....neat place.....felt a bond..

    From an old Goat


  2. Love these pix. Looking forward to your reports from S.F.