Sunday, June 2, 2013


It was fairly chilly when we arrived on the Mendocino coast.

We found a small RV park right across the road from the beach and immediately made our way to the water.

Jo staked a claim on one end...

But had to share with this friendly fellow beachcomber.

I explored the other end.

The town of Mendocino is so picturesque that dozens of movies have been made here;
"The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming"
"Forever Young"
"The Majestic"
"Summer of '42"
and many more... the TV series, "Murder She Wrote"

And the small peninsula the town sits on is surrounded with some wild and spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

It's a movie makers dream.

Driftwood in one's yard is as commonplace in Mendocino as rocks are in Arizona.

Jo had dreams of taking some wood home...but....(remember Lucy's rocks in "The Long, Long Trailer"?)

I was really curious about that '3-story' structure.  

We spent a lot of time here.  The gallery displays only local artists and a lot of the artists were present.

Yeah!  They let me take pictures!

I just had to laugh at this one.

Carolyn, this one's for you.

I really admired this bench.  It reminded me of my garage when I started cleaning it out for the garage sale.

We could have spent several days here but we were on a schedule and had to keep moving.

Besides--my computer was starting to misbehave and it looked like there would be no one to help me out until we reached Eureka.

One last walk on the cliffs then our next stop-- the redwoods.


  1. My BIL built a 3-story cabin much like that one once. There's was a small maximum of foundation allowed before you hit building codes so he built tall instead of wide.

  2. Toni,
    I'm enjoying your trip up the California coast so much. It really makes me miss the seacoast. Except for the chilly weather. It's been around 104 here the last couple of days -- yes, the ice broke on the Santa Cruz on June 1st this year. That's kind of warm, I'll admit. But the desert spoons and the Mexican bird of paradise blooms are beautiful. We miss you, and are hopeful that things are going well. I had a houseguest for a while, and thought it really funny that Sigh Me was so territorial about your sister. My cat, Ginger, was thrilled to have another person in the house to cadge snacks from.
    I hope you keep having fun.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Makes me homesick for the the Northern California coast.
    And of course I loved the chicken!

  4. I am with Jo I would have wanted to bring home the drift wood. So many interesting pieces.
    In the mountains I have seen a similar three story building but it had a door on the second and third floor. That way you can get out if the snow gets to high.