Friday, June 7, 2013

A Great Grand Family

Wow! Finally the computer is fixed but I am now two weeks further behind than usual with the blog.  Which means these kids are a full month older than when these pictures were taken so who knows what fantastic feats they are now accomplishing.
Jo and I drove north to McKinleyville to meet this wonderful family and enjoy a dinner with them.

As an introduction, these are the grandchildren of my nephew, Alan.  I think that makes his daughter and their mother, Anna Lisa, my 'Great' niece, their father is Nick,  and the children are 'Great Grand' nieces and nephew.  Meet the one above, he is Great Grand nephew, Anthony.  He may turn out to be a very special G.G. nephew since we share the same nickname...though different spelling.

This little dynamo never stopped moving the entire time we were there.  

Her name is Mary Ann....

And when I looked at these photos I thought of the early motion pictures where dozens of photos were rapidly flipped in front of a projector while the subject begins to move.

But I didn't need the equipment-- the motion comes though, even without a projector.

And just in case you did not appreciate her expertise with the hula hoop she brought on the really big show...The Trampoline!

The Trapeze!

The, uh, Tin Cans!

While dad, Nick kept a close eye on the gymnastics.

Not to be outdone by her older sister, middle G.G. niece, Amara Jo,  gave a sterling performance as well.

And even a head bump could not dampen her smile.

Amara Jo would slow down for a while and groom one of her many Barbie dolls.

The Barbie dolls were good practice for taking care of mommy's hair.

Mom, Anna Lisa  with little 'Tony' and Amara Jo.
Truly a 'Great Grand' family.


  1. Our little next door neighbor girls are always in action, too. How pretty they are, those little ones and their mom.

  2. Oh, and dad is quite handsome, too.

  3. Just now getting on to your blog! So much fun to have had you visit!! MaryAnn still talks about your camper. Glad to hear you were able to see my dad this summer too. Keep on rolling! Love, Anna

  4. I really enjoyed the visit with you Dad, Anna. That energy level appears to be in the genes. Please keep following the blog.